Core business

Researches pertaining all the phases of the value creation:

With citizens/consumers

  • Market analyses aimed at highlighting new needs
  • Market segmentation based both on demographic and sociocultural parameters
  • Concept, product, communication, naming tests
  • Price evaluation
  • Evaluations of market potentials
  • Brand check-ups
  • Innovation processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mystery shopper

Within companies

Conduction of groups with people from client side in order to identify and enhance the creative capital of the company

  • Motivational screening
  • Sharing and codifying mission, vision and company identity

Sectors of competence

We operate in all the main product categories, combining single specializations with the advantage of an all-embracing standpoint.

  • Insurances, finance
  • Energy, environment
  • Infrastructures, mobility
  • Technology, communication, media, advertising
  • Public administration
  • Health, nutrition, wellbeing, beauty